Meet Winston, an eleven year old gentleman cat, who was abandoned by his family after a house fire. It was November 2010, and he was left in the snow, starving. Along came a MEOW Cat Rescue volunteer, who took him into her house. She admired how gorgeous he was, but then saw something was wrong with his ears. They were singed and bleeding. Upon inspection by a vet, it was discovered that Winston’s ears had cancer. He underwent the risky surgery to amputate his ears. Now, as you can see, Winston has two furry white holes where his ears were. He can still hear when his new family calls his name. ‘Paolo’s Adventures Volume II’ will be all about Paolo and Winston. Other cats make fun of Winston for being different and Paolo stands up for Winston and helps the other cats see that it’s a good thing to be unique!


About Carolyn Banguero

Carolyn Banguero has a Master's in Teaching, has taught third grade for eight years and loves reading books to children. She volunteers each week at MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland, Washington, where she first learned about a cat named Paolo, who was found in the wild. Paolo was born with defect. His chest was concave and the heart and lungs were pushed over to the side, making breathing difficult. To save this brave cat, Paolo had surgery at MEOW Cat Rescue. Carolyn wrote a children's book titled Paolo's Adventures about this cat's journey of learning how to trust people and healing. A percentage of the net proceeds will be graciously donated to MEOW Cat Rescue. In her spare time, Carolyn enjoys salsa dancing and traveling. She lives in Newcastle, Washington with her husband, Edgar, her cats Gia and Kensey and her dog, Jana. Carolyn can be contacted at For more current photos and information about Paolo, visit
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